Modern Black and White Mural in Midlothian Texas

Cool modern dental mural was painted in Midlothian Texas January 2019. I’ve been working with these clients for years, actually they are one of my first clients in Texas. They wanted modern and free flowing white lines with dental images. It came out fantastic and their customers are loving it!

1st Blog Post and Welcome to my Life!

Osbourne Grandkids Mural in Hancock Park Los Angeles CA.

Osbourne Grandkids Mural in Hancock Park Los Angeles CA.

Welcome and Hello! So I’m blogging again and it’s been years. Hopefully I get a following and hopefully I can at least entertain you all as well. My son Ryan, who is a Digital Marketing major at Arizona State has been encouraging me to get this going and he’s been helping me with this new site as well. The goal is to be posting daily…..and I’ll be posting/hosting my murals here also. I’ve created so many murals that a website just can’t hold, so this will be their home. I’m sitting here typing and actually getting excited about this. I’m going to consider this my daily journal, so hope you all enjoy. The purpose of this blog is also to share exactly what I do, people I work, the process, and even business advice! YES!!! I have learned so much about running a business with do’s and don’ts! One thing I’m still working on is socail media. I think my biggest excuse is I’m too busy for it, which I am. I really am, but I put my customers first before anything…except working out:). Ok, so stay tuned for a bunch of mural posts and more!!

Ciao xoxo

Marnie V.