Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's Sky Mural in Beverly Hills Ca.

This project is from 7 years ago. I have to say all of my projects just go well, not that I expect them to go wrong. But this one was unique, including the first drive up to their home. My first day on the job driving up, literally as soon as I turned on the car, Mariah’s song “Hero” came on the radio…I KID YOU NOT!!! At that moment, it was all a happy blur….in a good way. The room was done by AFK furniture, but the ceiling was the first part. Mariah wanted a unique etherial look with turquoize, pinks, and yellows…..oh and real gold leaf stars. It was magical and the ceiling was about 12’ from the floor so it was pretty impressive. I also added a window and the entire thing is painted including the molding. Fun project….. MC and NC were incredible and they loved it!

Ciao xoxo

Marnie V.